Launch: Good Health - Great Jobs: Aboriginal Workforce Strategic Framework 2016 - 2020

The revised NSW Health Good Health - Great Jobs: Aboriginal Workforce Strategic Framework 2016 - 2020 (the Framework) is taking the next STEP UP in growing a strong and culturally supported Aboriginal workforce. The Framework aims to support local health districts, speciality networks and other NSW health organisations to grow and develop their Aboriginal workforce. The Framework shares the vision of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Strategic Framework 2016 - 2020. The Good Health - Great Jobs: Aboriginal Workforce Strategic Framework 2016 - 2020 was launched on 21 November 2016.

NSW Health Breadwinners Programme

The Breadwinners' Programme provides an opportunity for eligible NSW Health employees who are Aboriginal to receive financial support to undertake undergraduate studies at Sydney University. Employees require Chief Executive or Deputy Secretary endorsement to participate in the Programme. Applications to the Breadwinners' Programme are now due to the Ministry of Health.

Government Sector Employment Rule 26 - Employment of eligible persons

We have received some positive news in relation to facilitating diversity in government sector employment. The Government Sector Employment Rule 26, Employment of eligible persons, has been amended to include the whole government sector (including the NSW Health Service) in its scope. The updated GSE Rule 26 took effect on 1 June 2016. GSE Rule 26 allows agencies to target positions to ‘eligible persons’ who belong to one of the groups deemed to be disadvantaged in employment. This will remove the need to seek a separate exemption from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board to target a position for eligible persons covered by the Rule. The Rule also allows for such modifications to recruitment and selection policies or procedures as are necessary to facilitate the employment of eligible persons in the agency. These changes will be incorporated into the review of PD2015_026, Recruitment and Selection of Staff to the NSW Health Service, which is currently underway.

2016 Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines Workshops

The Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines for NSW Health (the Guidelines) provide a framework for defining, implementing and supporting Aboriginal Health Worker roles in NSW. The Aboriginal Workforce Unit (AWU) has identified a need to better promote and socialise the Guidelines across NSW among a specific target audience. AWU are promoting the Guidelines through Guidelines Workshops across NSW in 2016. An external consultancy firm has been engaged to facilitate the Workshops in partnership with local Managers Aboriginal Workforce Development (MAWDs) where available.

About Stepping Up

Stepping Up is an online recruitment resource which has been specifically developed to support Aboriginal people interested in a career in public health to start their health journey.

Stepping Up clarifies the recruitment process for those seeking employment in NSW Health and addresses some of the challenges that can be experienced by managers recruiting to jobs.

Our commitment

NSW Health employees play a crucial role in contributing to and delivering health services to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of NSW. The engagement, support and growth of the Aboriginal workforce is crucial to ensuring the delivery of effective and culturally safe health services for Aboriginal people and communities.

Find out more about NSW Health's commitments and priorities to Aboriginal employment.