Department of Employment

The Department of Employment can assist Aboriginal job-seekers and applicants to find jobs.

Employment Services Providers

Employment services providers are agencies that provide support for people looking for work. There are many providers across Australia delivering different kinds of assistance and services.

The Australian government Department of Employment, for example, provides job seekers with access to providers to assist them back into work, help connect job seekers to providers of training to equip job seekers with the required skills and tools for an independent job search. They also provide access to current funded providers and service ratings.

Recruitment agencies

Many Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks have established partnerships with suitable recruitment agencies in their area.

Recruitment agencies can be used to fill vacancies where suitable applicants have not been found through advertising.

Ray’s experience with recruitment agencies

Ray had considerable difficulty in filling vacancies for Aboriginal Health Worker positions and turned to a recruitment agency to assist.

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Aboriginal identified and targeted positions

Some positions in NSW Health have been specifically developed for Aboriginal people. Find out what the difference is between Aboriginal identified and targeted positions.

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Jobactive Australia

Visit Jobactive Australia to find out how they can help with recruitment.

Public Service Commission Recruitment and Selection Guide

View the Public Service Commission Recruitment and Selection Guide.

Recruitment and Selection of staff to the NSW Health Service (PD)

For more information on the recruitment process that applies to jobs within the NSW Public Health System.