Assessing applicants

The selection panel choose the most suitable candidate for the advertised position through the collection, comparison and analysis of a variety of information sources, including the results of assessments.

Assessment methods

Local Health Districts and other NSW Health organisations

To be fair to all applicant groups the chosen method/s of assessment must be specifically targeted to the job description and / or selection criteria for the role.

An interview is generally one type of assessment method used, however this is not always the case.

Other options for further assessment may include:

  • Work samples or tests, for example, word processing, numeracy and literacy tests
  • Presentation by applicant or group exercises
  • Assessment by specialist groups
  • Psychological/psychometric testing can be used as part of the assessment process in some circumstances

Where an interview process is being undertaken, you need to be aware that many applicants may be used to a more traditional interview panel with formal questions and rigid processes. It's important that the panel convenor explains how the interview will work and that the panel provides opportunities for applicants to tell their story, expand on examples and demonstrate their expertise through appropriate questions and follow-ups.

reminder Reminder

Applicants must be given at least 3 days' notice of the chosen method of assessment/s, the names and titles of those on the selection panel and provided with advice on any documentation they need to bring with them on the day.

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Remember that some online assessments may require specific program access or computer proficiency which may not be available in some areas.

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If there is a time constraint or concern that referee checks are not able to be conducted within a reasonable time frame, this needs to be discussed this with the applicant and the Manager of Aboriginal Workfroce Development to find a solution.

Ministry of Health

For assessment requirements, see the Public Service Commission (PSC) Employment Portal

Download file PSC Recruitment and Selection Guide Download file Government Sector Employment Act 2013: Information booklet

Cultural appropriateness

It is important that the selection process does not exclude Aboriginal people from progressing through the recruitment process. The process must be fair and equitable to all applicant groups.

This means ensuring the design and / or selection of culturally appropriate assessment methods. This is particularly critical for recruitment to Aboriginal identified or targeted positions.

Consultation with your local Manager of Aboriginal Workforce Development, human resources or Aboriginal Employment Coordinator when planning your recruitment strategy is recommended to ensure the fairness and cultural appropriateness of the recruitment process.

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When choosing appropriate capability-based assessments, the Public Service Commission's Assessment Services panel contract of suppliers may be useful in supporting managers to select the most appropriate capability-based assessment tools for their specific assessment needs for recruitment.

Supporting documentation

Give consideration to the timing of documents required for the NSW application process as some documents may be difficult for applicants to access.

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