Supporting documentation

Give consideration to the timing of documents required for the NSW application process as some documents may be difficult for applicants to access.

The diverse range of documents needed to satisfy the application process for positions within NSW Health can cause difficulty or anxiety for some applicants, particularly those progressing through the NSW Health recruitment process for the first time.

Any documentation requirements need to be clearly outlined in the position information package. It is also important to clarify what original documents need to be provided and what, if any, can be certified copies.

Potential barriers for Aboriginal people

For Aboriginal applicants it's possible that there may be barriers to gaining ready access to documents such as those that can assist with corroboration of Aboriginality.

An added complication for some Aboriginal people is the continuity of identity documents as some people have various names, have changed names at some time in their lives or are known by other names in the community.

Managers need to be prepared for some differences within documentation such as first and middle names being used interchangeably on education records and similar documents.

Variances in identity documents will make carrying out the required employment checks complicated. Contact your local Human Resource team or Manager of Aboriginal Workforce Development for advice.

File size and format

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Check for any lodgement issues with PDF documents or certified copies on e-recruit and (e.g. file size or format).

There's extra help available

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Employment service providers like JSAs are funded by government to help candidates with these types of requirements.


Managers need to be aware of and prepared for the diversity of opinions and sensitivities held around corroboration of Aboriginality.

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